Emily Puts Mustard On Pizza

I have no problem with unusual toppings on pizza. It’s true that my ideal pizza is a simple Margherita, but I also think that pineapple chunks give a nice acidic sweetness to a slice. On a recent trip to Emily I saw a pizza called the Sophier. Sauce, cheese, herbs, got it. And… mustard? W-w-w-what? I had to try it. And when our server dropped off our order, she didn’t refer to it as the Sophier, she called it the “mustard pizza.” When I ordered it I wasn’t sure how it would work — added before or after cooking? Big yellow dollops? So the mustard is applied before cooking, and it sort of melds into the tomato sauce. Biting into it you get the fragrance of mustard, but not the sharp bite on the tongue. The heat builds into the familiar sinus-clearing sensation that mustard brings, but it’s never overpowering. It’s a surprising combination, but one that works well. Next time I go to Emily, I’m hoping to get one of their “green” pies, made with tomatillo sauce instead of the regular tomato.

Emily — 919 Fulton St

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6 Responses to Emily Puts Mustard On Pizza

  1. bscartabello says:

    I love mustard on my pizza! It’s refreshing!

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