What Happened To The Red Hook Ball Fields?

The first time I ever went to the Red Hook Ball Fields was the final year before the city forced them into trucks. There were grills and makeshift stoves around the park, some of them under tarps but most spewing cooking smoke into the open air. Things changed quite a bit when the trucks came, but you still had your pick of amazing food from Mexico, as well as a few Central and South American countries. As the years have passed the trucks gained in popularity and some of the vendors opened their own restaurants or expanded to other venues. Towards the end of the season last year I noticed a change. There were fewer trucks than there used to be, which meant less variety in the food. The 2015 season started just a few weeks ago, and last weekend I made my first visit of the year. Those missing trucks were still gone, though the parking spaces for them were left vacant as if everyone was hoping they might magically appear. And while I still had some tasty tacos and some fantastic fried plantains, things weren’t the same. I missed the multiple trucks where I could get the deep-fried palm known as pacaya, or the truck with almost a dozen kinds of juice. It’s true that the nature of living in a city like NYC is that things change, but this truly feels like things are winding down at the Ball Fields — so make your way out there at least one weekend this summer, because who knows how much longer things are going to last?

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