Insa Pop-Up At Threes Brewing

The owners of the Good Fork, Red Hook’s venerable Korean restaurant, are opening a restaurant and karaoke joint in Gowanus. Although the official opening date hasn’t yet been announced, they offered a sample of their food at Threes Brewing a few weekends ago. Threes Brewing has been hosting different restaurants in their kitchen, though this was the first opportunity I’ve had to visit there. There were clearly labeled vegetarian options on the menu, and I tried two of them. Above you see the crispy tofu bibimbap, a rice bowl topped with the tofu, egg, and a variety of veggies like bitter greens and sweet onions. The combination of flavors and textures was a good one, particularly when mushed all together with gochujang, the Korean red pepper sauce. The crispy vegetable fritter was a little bland, but perked up when paired with the vinegar dip provided. I’ve had better Korean food, but there aren’t many Korean restaurants in the neighborhood and I’m looking forward to the official opening.

Threes Brewing — 333 Douglass St

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