Brussels Sprouts Alla Trippa Alla Romana

So I was watching a food travel show about Rome and they talked about the dish trippa alla romana — tripe in the Roman style. Traditionally this is a dish using cow or pig stomach, cooked down with white wine, celery and carrot, tomato, and mint, until it’s a stew, and then topped with pecorino cheese. It looked delicious, so I was wondering what a vegetarian version might look like. I settled on Brussels sprouts for two reasons. One, they have a bit of a funky flavor, and even though I’ve never eaten tripe I imagine it has kind of a funky flavor. Two, I already had some Brussels sprouts in the fridge. So here’s what I did to make Brussels sprouts in the style of tripe in the Roman style. I started by slowly heating some celery, carrots, and onions in some olive oil with salt and pepper. When they had softened I added sliced Brussels sprouts and some torn mint leaves, and cooked them until the Brussels sprouts until they were lightly browned. Then I added some white wine, and then some canned tomato puree and some more mint leaves, and seasoned again. Then I let it cook over low heat until it was all soft. I served the stew with sauteed dandelion greens and a hunk of focaccia from Hot Bread Kitchen. The stew was slightly salty, slightly sweet, a nice combination but nothing spectacular. Maybe it’s better with actual tripe.

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