Summer Ramen At Ganso

The last time I was at Ganso, in Downtown Brooklyn, I said that their vegetarian ramen was held back from greatness by being too salty. Well I’m here to tell you that the vegetarian version of their summer ramen, served cold, is pretty great. There’s no broth here. The noodles (and if I were to nitpick I’d say that the noodles were a bit too soft, and could have been chewier, but that’s really a nitpick) are tossed in a soy vinaigrette (with a touch of wasabi?). They are topped with seasoned tofu, some raw veggies — tomato, bean sprouts, scallions — and, if you want, an egg. It was such a great balance of flavors and textures that I didn’t even consider adding any chili oil to it, which is my go-to move for improving mediocre ramen. This refreshing dish is a seasonal offering only, so grab a bowl
while you still can.

Ganso — 25 Bond St

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