Potato & Egg Sandwich At Brancaccio’s In Windsor Terrace

So even though I live in Windsor Terrace, I haven’t really spent much time exploring the food scene here. I often head toward Park Slope or Gowanus, or take a long train ride to a specific restaurant. Lately, however, I’ve decided to correct this. And within the span of a few weeks I got two recommendations for the same place: Brancaccio’s Food Shop. I stopped by for a sandwich the other day, and when I walked in I immediately noticed the staff prepping fresh food out where customers can see them, and everything looked fresh. I ordered off of the breakfast menu, a sandwich with potato, egg, and cheese. By the time I got it home the cheese had melted into the shape of the plastic wrap, which resulted in what you see above. I’m a fan of potato and egg sandwiches, and this is a good one — there are some sweet peppers to balance out the savory elements. My only gripe is that the bread was too soft; I like a good crusty bread. But there are so many more sandwiches on the menu, with so many different ingredients, I’m looking forward to trying more.

Brancaccio’s Food Shop — 3011 Fort Hamilton Pkwy

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