Jerk Seitan At Glady’s In Crown Heights

Hey, it’s my first Crown Heights blog post! Glady’s is a Caribbean restaurant that has a good number of vegan and vegetarian items on its short menu. I went there for the jerk seitan, which is soaked in a salty marinade and briefly crisped on a stove. I found the seasoning was a little over-powering, and benefited from being mixed with the spicy slaw. The sharp crispness of the slaw helped cut through the saltiness of the seitan. The biggest success of the evening were the slushy cocktails. One was a take on a dark and stormy, and tasted (in the best possible way) like a Coke Slurpee. There was a pineapple slushy cocktail that was also delicious. My go-to for vegetarian Caribbean place is still Veggie Castle II, in Queens, but Glady’s is a good Brooklyn alternative.

Glady’s — 788 Franklin Ave

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