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Kimchee Market In Greenpoint

Greenpoint is a traditionally Polish neighborhood, but of course here in Brooklyn (and all of NYC) everything changes. Over the past few years there have been lots of different, non-Polish, restaurants opening there — for better or for worse. One … Continue reading

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Homemade Chile Paste

About a month ago at one of my local farmer’s markets I did a double-take. Next to some fresh herbs I spotted something I hadn’t seen before at the market — lemon grass. Apparently it can be grown here in … Continue reading

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Vegetarian At Smorgasburg In Prospect Park

I’m no stranger to Smorgasburg, the weekly gathering of food vendors that grew out of the Brooklyn Flea. It has grown so big, with at least three locations around the city, that I’d actually gotten a little tired of it. … Continue reading

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Vegetarian At The Meat Hook Sandwich Shop

Yes, it’s true. At a place called the Meat Hook Sandwich Shop there is in fact a vegetarian sandwich. Clocking in at an extraordinary $13, the sandwich has gotten a lot of good press around the food blog circuit. What … Continue reading

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