Kimchee Market In Greenpoint

Greenpoint is a traditionally Polish neighborhood, but of course here in Brooklyn (and all of NYC) everything changes. Over the past few years there have been lots of different, non-Polish, restaurants opening there — for better or for worse. One of the newest additions to the neighborhood is Kimchee Market, a small storefront Korean shop. When I was in Korea earlier this year I had some incredible food, and I love kimchi. The woman at the counter was very helpful and friendly; although they don’t have too many vegetarian kimchis, she double checked to make sure which ones were vegetarian and gave me some samples. They have three kimchis that don’t contain any animal products — a fantastic one with garlic shoots that made me recall Korea, another good one made with slivers of dried radish, and a simple pickled fresh radish. They also have a handful of Korean groceries and pre-made food sets, though none vegetarian.

Kimchee Market — 191 Greenpoint Ave

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