Marisa Tomei At Lioni Italian Heroes

For men of a certain age, Marisa Tomei (circa My Cousin Vinnie) was the object of many a fantasy. I may or may not be of that specific age… but I can tell you that it made ordering at Lioni Italian Heroes, in Bensonhurst, that much easier. At Lioni they have over 150 sandwiches on offer, all named after actors, musicians, sports heroes, and famous personalities. Only a handful are vegetarian, though they can also make whatever combination you want. One of the vegetarian options is #60, the Marisa Tomei. The enormous sandwich was filled with fried eggplant, Lioni’s fresh mozzarella, and topped with what they call mushroom stuffing — in actuality just seasoned breadcrumbs, or what you would use to stuff mushrooms. Sure it was a little dry, and it’s not the prettiest sandwich on the block, but it was a good sandwich. I could only eat half of it, I finished the rest the next day. I also picked up some of their house smoked mozzarella, which made for fantastic snacking over the next few days.

Lioni Italian Heroes — 7803 15th Ave

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