Hummus Market In WIlliamsburg

A few months ago I got an email invitation to eat some free food at Hummus Market, a relatively new restaurant in Williamsburg. As I was looking through the menu, it slowly dawned on me that everything was vegetarian. Of course Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food is vegetarian friendly, but the owners of Hummus Market — two friends from Israel with no restaurant experience but an intense love of making hummus — don’t make a big deal about the restaurant being vegetarian. Many of the dishes are vegan as well. I tried a few different things (all on the house). For my main dish I got one of the hummus bowls, the sabich hummus. The sabich is topped with roasted eggplant, soft boiled egg, and dollops of rich tahini. It’s layer upon layer of rich flavors and textures, easily smeared on the warm fresh pitas. The best thing I tasted was one of the salads, the tabbouleh. Tabbouleh is made with bulgur, mixed with parsley, lemon, and tomato. The tabbouleh at Hummus Market just might be the best I’ve had in the United States; a great ratio of parsley to bulgur, and plenty of fresh lemon juice. Hummus Market has only been around for a few months, but one of the owners told me that they already have a loyal local following. After eating there it’s easy to see why.

Hummus Market — 361 Graham Ave

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