Maimonide of Brooklyn

For years I’ve been hearing about Maimonide of Brooklyn — not the Brooklyn hospital, Maimonides, but the restaurant, usually abbreviated (most especially by the restaurant itself) M.O.B. It’s a vegan restaurant not far from the Atlantic Center, and I kept meaning to go there but never did (I have been to Maimonides Hospital, but that’s a different story). I finally stopped by for lunch at the end of November, and had one of their signature vegan “burgers” made with cremini mushrooms. I got the California MOB burger, topped with avocado, cashew “cheese,” and caramelized onions. The creamy cashew cheese smooshed out the sides of the burger as I ate it, making a mess, but the flavors were fantastic. Best of all was the burger itself; unlike many other veggie burgers this had nice crispy edges and actually tasted a little of mushrooms. The burger was served with a Brooklyn Brine pickle and even my simple side salad was dressed with a tasty vinaigrette.

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