Esme & Archestratus Books In Greenpoint

Back in the day one of the most common vegetarian items you’d find on a menu was a portobello mushroom sandwich. The portobello was usually grilled or baked whole, and put on a bun like a burger. Well here’s a confession: I hated those portobello sandwiches. Lucky for me the mushroom sandwich had evolved over the years, and I’ve had some good ones. At Esme in Greenpoint they have what they call the Veggie French Dip, and it’s one of the good ones. Made with roasted button mushrooms and crispy shiitakes, the sandwich is topped with cheese and served with a flavorful mushroom jus for dipping your sandwich into.

Right around the corner from Esme is Archestratus, a bookstore that specializes in food books. Not just cookbooks (though they have those too), I found some interesting books about food in history and religion. It’s definitely worth a trip to the neighborhood all on its own.

Esme — 999 Manhattan Ave
Archestratus — 160 Huron St

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