Vegetarian At Fei Long Food Court In Sunset Park

I make semi-regular trips up to Flushing to visit the Chinese restaurants and food courts, even though there is a Chinatown food court right here in Brooklyn. The Fei Long food court is attached to a series of small shops and a large supermarket, but I have to admit, it doesn’t draw me in the way the food courts in Flushing do. On my most recent visit only eight of the ten stalls were actually doing business, the others were closed for “renovations.” The main reason I don’t often go, however, is that it’s not particularly vegetarian-friendly. Unlike the big food courts in Queens, where there are usually multiple stalls with vegetarian options, only one stall at Fei Long seems to have anything to offer. Luckily it’s pretty good stuff. It’s stall #1, which according to Eating in Translation is Shanghai Family Dumpling. In addition to a few veggie dumpling options they also have some noodle dishes that can be made with mock duck. Above you see the “lo mein,” which in this case was wide, flat egg noodles tossed in a tasty peanut sauce with a few veggies and some strips of wheat gluten. It’s tasty and cheap, which is exactly what you want from a Chinatown food court meal.

Fei Long Supermarket Food Court — 6301 8th Ave

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