Lumpia Shack Snackbar At Berg’n

When I was doing the research into the Lumpia Shack episode of Lost Vegetarian I stopped by their Snackbar Location at Berg’n. I’d already tasted their (excellent) lumpia at Smorgasburg, but I wanted to try something else. And although Filipino food isn’t known for being particularly vegetarian friendly, at Lumpia Shack they make a point of having vegetarian versions of even the most meat-centric Filipino dishes. Case in point: sisig. Sisig is a dish usually made with various parts of the pig, including the face and internal organs. At Lumpia Shack they also offer a vegetarian version (it’s vegan without the egg) made with multiple types of seitan from Monk’s Meats. It’s a great dish, showcasing the vibrancy of Filipino food — the balance of spicy, sour from the ubiquitous Filipino fruit calamansi), salty, and sweet, as well as the interplay of temperatures (cold lettuce with hot cooked seitan) and textures (crisp pickled veggies and either rice or noodles). Yes, the mushroom lumpia are amazing, but the vegetarian sisig is great too.

Lumpia Shack Snackbar at Berg’n — 899 Bergen St

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