Cafe Glechik in Sheepshead Bay

If you live in NYC you know all things change. As I mentioned in my previous post, Kebeer has become Cafe Max. More shocking to me was the closure of the Brighton Beach outpost of one of my favorite Ukrainian restaurants, Cafe Glechik. Thankfully their Sheepshead Bay location is still open, and not too far from Brighton Beach. We started out meal with some fantastic cold appetizers — assorted pickles and the “salad spring.” The pickled cucumbers were sharp and acidic; the pickled tomatoes were soft and matched well with the dense dark bread, and the pickled watermelon (yes) had a hint of dill to offset the sweetness. The salad featured radishes and cucmbers tossed with mayonnaise and scallions, but what really elevated it were the small chunks of hard boiled eggs throughout.

They still have the fantastic potato and mushroom vareniki, and we also tried the homemade pancakes filled with sweet farmer’s cheese. It was a feast fit for a (Ukrainian) prince, and well worth the extra walk from Brighton Beach… if only to work off all of the calories we consumed.

Cafe Glechik — 1655 Sheepshead Bay Rd

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