A Rooftop Dinner By Gotham Greens and ICRAVE

I get a lot of PR emails, and to be honest I ignore 99.99% of them. A few weeks ago I saw one that intrigued me, which mentioned a rooftop dinner at Gotham Greens presented by a design firm called ICRAVE. I’d never visited any of the Gotham Greens rooftop greenhouses, and I’d always wanted to go. So a free dinner at their Greenpoint location seemed like a great opportunity.

Before dinner we got a short tour, where a representative from Gotham Greens showed us the facility and the 1/2 acre of leafy greens and herbs. They say that they grow as much as a tradition farm could grow on 10 acres, and delivery to local restaurants cuts down on the carbon footprint (versus produce being shipped in from outlying farms). And although it was windy and a little rainy we got great views of the city skyline in the distance.

The dinner consisted of three salads, each designed to highlight the produce from Gotham Greens. Pictured at the top of the page is the pad thai inspired salad, created by Franklin Becker of the Little Beet, with lime, garlic, and peanuts. My favorite salad of the night was the one by Mariela Alvarez of Tasty Plan. It started with a base of beet hummus, topped with the Gotham Greens salad, an amazingly tasty chimichurri, and homemade crackers. It was the balance of flavors — sweet, salty, acidic — and textures — crunchy, smooth, crisp — that really set this one apart.

Thanks to Gotham Greens and ICRAVE for the invitation and the great food and drinks!

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2 Responses to A Rooftop Dinner By Gotham Greens and ICRAVE

  1. Mariela says:

    I am so happy you came and enjoyed the event. it was my pleasure to cook for you!

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