Cheeseboat Brings Georgian Specialties To Williamsburg

For years I’ve been drooling over pictures of khachapuri on other food blogs. Khachapuri is a specialty of Georgia — the former Soviet country, not the southern state. It’s a big piece of bread, baked with cheese bubbling out of the center of it, often with butter and an egg. Based on the way it looks, someone might call it a “cheeseboat.” Someone like the owners of Cheeseboat in Williamsburg, where they serve upscale khachapuri as well as other Georgian inspired dishes. On a recent visit we got one of the other dishes, called lobio — beans slow cooked with herbs and onions. They were pretty good, comforting and warm, but they paled in comparison to the other dish we ate: a cheeseboat topped with truffle butter. When the bread came out the server told us what to do: stir the melted cheese, egg, and truffle butter together vigorously until it becomes an intoxicatingly delicious goop. Then you simply tear pieces off of the cheeseboat and dip it into the cheesy-eggy-truffle buttery mix. We couldn’t stop eating it, particularly the pieces of bread at the bottom that had become soaked in the mixture. It was one of my favorite meals of 2016. The restaurant has a bunch of other varieties of cheeseboats, so I think a return visit may be in order soon.

Cheeseboat — 80 Berry St

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