Korean Meets Uzbek At Cafe At Your Mother-In-Law

Back when I wrote about Cafe Kashkar I remarked on the Korean flavors that popped up on the menu. Several blocks away at Cafe At Your Mother-In-Law the link between Korea and Uzbekistan is even more explicit. Uzbek and Russian specialties share the menu with Korean ones, and of course there are some crossovers. The tofu salad (pictured above) is made with strips of tender, chewy dried bean curd sheets. Although the menu describes the salad as being seasoned with Korean spices, it tasted more Eastern European to me — particularly the flecks of fresh dill scattered throughout the salad.

The hanum (a more refined and, frankly, better version of the khonoom I had at Cafe Kashkar) was decidedly more Uzbek — delicate dumpling skin wrapped around steamed potato, covered with a sweet onion and tomato sauce and topped with more dill.

Cafe At Your Mother-In-Law — 3071 Brighton 4th St

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2 Responses to Korean Meets Uzbek At Cafe At Your Mother-In-Law

  1. Sophie says:

    Yum going to try it this weekend! Did you ask for the hanum without meat or does it come that way?

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