Vegan Jamaican At Four Seasons

I was disappointed when I found out that Strictly Vegetarian, the vegan Ital restaurant on Church Ave, had closed. I was doing research into more vegan Caribbean food when I found out about Four Seasons, almost directly across the street from where Strictly Vegetarian was. It’s a similar setup — they have a variety of dishes in steam trays, and you pay based on the size of the tray you want. Having learned from my previous experience I went for the $8 tray, loaded up with “a little bit of everything.” On the day of my business that was a bed of peas and rice and lo mein noodles, smothered with stewed chickpeas, “beef” with green beans potatoes, chopped dried bean curd in a curry sauce, and minced “beef” with chili peppers. Then some marinated cucumbers and pepper sauce topped the whole thing off. Eating through the plate revealed a variety of flavors; savory and sweet, shot through with bursts of spices. Four Seasons also has a full service juice bar and bakery, all fresh and all vegan.

Four Seasons — 2281 Church Ave

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