A Vegetarian Ukrainian Feast At Tatiana Grill

As much as I enjoy eating in Brighton Beach, I have always been skeptical of the restaurants on the actual boardwalk. My only experience with them was several years ago, when one of my good friends had his bachelor party at Tatiana. That was Tatiana, the restaurant and nightclub, while next door is Tatiana Grill (I have no idea if the restaurants are actually related). On a recent visit to Brighton beach my girlfriend suggested we try one of them, and we picked Tatiana Grill almost at random. We ended up having a huge meal, and everything was good. The Salad “Vinegret” was a tasty mix of beets, potatoes, pickles, cabbage, and peas, all in a vinegar dressing. The Ukrainian borscht, which the menu pointed out as vegetarian, was one of the best I’ve ever had (though it was more tomato-based then beet). Above you see the vareniki, delicate steamed dumplings filled with potatoes. We also had the mushroom Julian, mushrooms cooked in a rich cream sauce and then then baked with cheese. We almost got more food but they were out of the Odessa-style eggplant salad. It’s just as well though, we had more than enough food as it was. And it proved to me that the boardwalk restaurants needn’t be dismissed just because they are ont he boardwalk.

Tatiana Grill — 3152 Brighton 6th St

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