Authentic Szechuan, aka Tofu On 5th

Several years ago I wrote about how much I loved the mapo tofu at Tofu on 7th. In the intervening years the restaurant has relocated over to 5th Ave and re-branded itself as a combination sushi and upscale Chinese restaurant with the name Authentic Szechuan Tofu on 5th. Or sometimes it’s referred to as just Tofu on 5th. And sometimes Tofu of 5th. Whatever the name the food is still good (at least the Chinese food is, I still haven’t tried the sushi). On a recent visit I had the vegetarian orange beef (the dish I ate the very first time I went to their old location), made with crispy and chewy wheat gluten in a sauce that’s not too sweet and just a little spicy. The vegetarian wonton soup, something I don’t find too often at other restaurants, is great too. It’s a little expensive, but when the food is good how can you complain?

Authentic Szechuan Tofu on 5th — 384 5th Ave

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