Vegetarian Pakistani At Lahori Chilli

One of my earliest food memories is visiting a Pakistani restaurant with my dad, back when we lived in VA. I don’t remember what we ordered, but I remember how spicy it was; I spent the ride home with the car’s air conditioning vent directed at my open mouth. Pakistani food in NYC isn’t easy to find, as most restaurants cater to the variety of Indian cuisines. Lahori Chilli on Coney Island Avenue, which I neglected in my round-up of Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi restaurants, is named after the Pakistani capital, so I figured there was a better chance of getting some actual Pakistani food. As with the other restaurants at Lahori Chilli they have steam tables of a wide variety of foods, and you can mix and match them as you like. I got two dishes over rice, one with eggplant and potatoes, the other with lentils. Both were great, and though neither had the incendiary firepower of that remembered meal in Virginia they were well spiced and smooth-textured. I’m not sure that I have a better idea of what differentiates Pakistani food from Northern Indian though, so I’m open to more suggestions.

Lahori Chilli — 1026 Coney Island Ave

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