A8 Pan Asian Vegan

I haven’t written about it on the blog but over the past year I’ve discovered the joys of ordering from Ginger House, an Asian restaurant that serves vegan and vegetarian versions of dishes like sesame chicken and pad thai. A month or so ago a new restaurant opened a few blocks away from my apartment, called A8 Pan Asian Vegan. They have a menu very like Ginger House, and even in the short time they’ve been open I’ve gotten food from them three times. Some standouts include cold sesame noodles made with green tea, crispy soy protein with a spicy plum sauce, and the basil soy protein (pictured above). They’re still pretty new, and so working out some operational kinks, but I look forward to more meals without having to wait for delivery.

A8 Pan Asian Vegan — 268 Prospect Park West

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2 Responses to A8 Pan Asian Vegan

  1. YAS! Love it when vegan food is so convenient!

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