Great Vegetarian Thai At Mondayoff By Plant Love House

I don’t write a lot about Thai food on this blog. I love Thai food, but it can be hard to find vegetarian versions of most dishes — many restaurants add nam pla, or fish sauce, to the dishes for flavor even if they are listed as vegetarian on the menu. So it was exciting to see a vegetarian and even vegan section of the menu at Mondayoff, the new restaurant by the owners of Plant Love House (despite the name most of the menu is not vegetarian). I got the Yum Puk Boong Jay, a salad of sorts with battered and deep fried watercress tossed with tofu, chili, lime, peanuts, fried garlic, red onion, and herbs. It was fantastic — the crisp warmth of the watercress was offset by the spicy lime dressing, and every bite made me want to eat more. I had a version of this dish at SriPraPhai, the venerable Queens Thai institution, many years ago and the dish and Mondayoff blows that one away on every level. Plus it’s so much closer to me.

Mondayoff by Plant Love House — 752 Coney Island Ave

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