Turkish Classics At Taci’s Beyti

I’m surprised to see this is the first Turkish restaurant I’ve written abut on this blog. I’ve passed by Taci’s Beyti many times over the years on the Coney Island Avenue bus, and although I kept meaning to check it out I never did until this past weekend. There isn’t a single vegetarian option among the entrees but there are more than enough appetizers and salads to make a great vegetarian, or even vegan if you wanted, meal. All meals start with a basket of bread, and it’s great. Puffy and soft on the inside, slightly crusty on the outside, and perfect for sopping up sauces. They have all f the classics you’d expect on the menu, from hummus and stuffed grape leaves to artichokes with potatoes. I started with a cold appetizer of red bean stew, served in a light tomato sauce with fresh herbs and lemon. The beans were creamy on the inside, and the bread mopped up the sauce nicely. I also had the spinach pies, five small triangles of filo dough stuffed with fresh spinach blended with a touch of feta cheese. Nothing fancy, just well-made Turkish food. The portions are great for sharing too, so I’d recommend going with a group.

Taci’s Beyti — 1953-1955 Coney Island Ave

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