Tian Yuan Veg Inc. In Sunset Park

I enjoy walking through the Chinatown in Sunset Park, but I tend to stick to 8th Ave. Between Fei Long Market and Lucky Vegetarian I usually find everything that I need. But I was looking for something new, and I came across the listing for Tian Yuan Veg inc on 7th Ave.

When you go through the door for Tian Yuan you are confronted with two half-flights of stairs. Going up the stairs takes you to a beauty salon; going downstairs brings you to the tiny space that houses Tian Yuan Veg Inc., the walls lines with refrigerated cases and one shelf with dry goods and sauces. As the name implies everything for sale is vegetarian, and most of it is vegan.

The shop specializes in fake meat products. They carry everything from imitation duck to imitation buffalo wings, from vegan beef balls to vegan tuna salad (all frozen). They also sell in bulk sizes and ship to restaurants. Most of the items are imported from Taiwan, similar to May Wah in Manhattan. After doing some shopping at Tian Yuan I made time to stop for a meal at Lucky Vegetarian. In fact, now that I know how to find Tian Yuan I’ll be adding it to my regular Sunset Park rotation.

Tian Yuan Veg Inc. –6016 7th Ave

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