A Vegetarian Feast At Tanoreen

There’s an old joke: “The food here is terrible, and the portions are so small.” At Tanoreen in Bay Ridge the food is fantastic. And the portions are enormous.

We were at Tanoreen to celebrate, and it turned out to be the perfect place. Not knowing the sizes of the portions we ordered multiple appetizers, some from the regular menu and some from the specials. We sampled classic hummus, fried Brussels sprouts with pomegranate and tahini-yogurt sauce, cold cauliflower with tahini and pomegranate molasses, fried halloumi, and artichokes sauteed with tomato. This is in addition to the free bread and pickled vegetables brought to the table when we were seated, but keep in mind there were six of us.

There are a handful of vegetarian entrees, plus a couple of special ones. I got the Vegetarian Combo, which as its name suggests is some of everything. It’s a plate heaped high with items like lentils topped with fried onions, bulgur with chickpeas, sauteed dandelion greens, and warm stuffed grape leaves. It was enough for at least two people, though I had it all to myself. My girlfriend Carolyn ordered on of the specials, called Cauliflower Steak. We all assumed it would be a thick slice of cauliflower; what ti was was an entire enormous head of cauliflower, breaded with panko breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese then smothered in more of that magic tahini-pomegranate molasses and some spicy harissa.

We all had different favorites — the cauliflower, the artichokes, and the lentils were standouts for me. But we could all agree that everything was delicious. And luckily there was plenty left over to eat later.

Tanoreen — 7523 3rd Ave

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