A Vegetarian Dinner Party By Wild Honey Pie

Just the other day I was lamenting that I don’t see enough live shows despite living in Brooklyn. Then I got an email letting me know about an upcoming vegetarian dinner hosted by The Wild Honey Pie at Greenpoint restaurant Le Fanfare, with a live performance by the band Plastic Picnic. Tickets are normally $50 and include a three course meal, unlimited beer (wine and cocktails are extra), plus the band. But they told me I could go for free if I would blog about it. Sign me up!

Wild Honey Pie puts on these monthly dinners at restaurants around Brooklyn, though they will be expanding to Manhattan shortly and popping up in Los Angeles as well. They started as a music blog, and have now expanded into hosting these dinners as well as a summer festival where they take over a summer camp for a few days.

The food at each dinner is provided by the restaurant at which it takes place. All of the food at Le Fanfare was great: a refreshing salad made with bitter greens, pickled cherries, plums, and pistachios; trofie (a delicate rolled pasta) dressed in a watercress pesto; and a rich chocolate mousse. My only complaint was that everything was served family-style, so we didn’t get a whole lot of food. They took our plates away quickly after serving the pasta, but then said we could have more. Then they brought around the dessert spoons and let us know the mousse was about to be served, but then waited another 10 minutes to serve the dessert. I’m sure there are plenty of challenges when serving 50+ people all at once, but it seemed a little disorganized. Still, I drank plenty of the free beer (at this dinner it was the Sixpoint Alpenflo) so if you’re a beer drinker you can definitely get your money’s worth. Plus there’s the live music.

Everyone I spoke to at the dinner was involved in either the food world or the music world. I met a man who writes about music, some people who work for the James Beard Foundation, and a couple of more people who for Pilotworks. It was a fun night, and I finally got to go to one of those events I was regretting not attending. Plus I got introduced to a new restaurant and a new band, which is the whole point of the Wild Honey Pie. Not all of their dinners are vegetarian (as this one was) but they can accommodate any diet within reason.

June’s Wild Honey Pie dinner was held on June 13th, 2018, check their website for future events.
Le Fanfare — 1103 Manhattan Ave

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