Vegetarian At The BAM Africa Bazaar

I first heard about BAM‘s DanceAfrica Bazaar (which has apparently been going on for over 40 years!) last year, but I wasn’t able to go. This year I managed to fit it into a busy day, and I’m glad I made the time. All of the streets surrounding BAM are closed off, and vendors line every inch of the streets. You can find art, books, clothes, essential oils, beauty products, and of course food. There were actually a couple of vegan vendors there — both Nyota’s Ting and Lady M Vegelicious had promising-looking menus. But an hour into the Bazaar neither one of them had opened for business, and I was so disappointed I had to make do with an enormous veggie roti from Kim’z Guyanese. The stew of curried chickpeas and potatoes in a flaky wrap (topped with sauteed cabbage and spicy pepper sauce) more than made up for my disappointment, especially when washed down with fresh ginger lemonade. The 2018 Bazaar was held from May 26-28th, so be sure to check the BAM website for 2019’s schedule.

BAM DanceAfrica Bazaar — Ashland Pl / Lafayette Ave

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