Vegetarian Japanese At J+B Design

There was a lot of press about the opening of Japan Village at Industry City a couple of months ago. Funnily enough none of the coverage mentioned that in Park Slope there has been a Japanese market for a couple of years now. Though I have to admit, I had walked by J+B Design a few times but never went in, until this past weekend. It’s the distillation of all of the good parts of Japan Village (the variety of Japanese products) without the bad parts (the crowds, the lack of public transportation, the weird layout, the lack of vegetarian options in the food court, etc.). J+B also has a good amount of vegetarian products, including some ready-made to-go meals with soy nuggets and vegetables. They sell those soy nuggets, as well as a few other vegetarian “meats”, in their small refrigerator/freezer section along with miso and Japanese pickles. There’s also a small cafe, as well as plenty of non-food Japanese products. Forget Industry City, the next time I need some togarashi or some yuzu I’m heading to J+B.

J+B Design — 300 7th St

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