Hoek Pizza In Red Hook

At first glance, Hoek Pizza looks like very other hipster Brooklyn pizza place. Dark wood, high exposed ceilings, a fully stocked bar, and a wood-burning pizza oven in the center of it all. There are a few differences when it comes to the pizza itself though. First is the size – these pies are much bigger than the individual Neapolitan-style pies I’m used to. The other difference is the crust. It’s paper thin, and even with toppings you can almost see through it. Both of these differences can be attributed to the fact that there aren’t Neapolitan pies at all, but Roman-style pies. The this crust means that at the center things get pretty soggy, and at one point I had to resort to a fork and knife to eat the pizza. I went with a straightforward Margherita with added mushrooms. Overall the pie was good, though it could have used a little more seasoning. It’s not the easiest place int he world to get to either, so right now I can’t say that Hoek is destination pizza. They’ve only been open a few months though, so maybe they’ll work out the fine details soon.

Hoek Pizza — 117 Ferris St

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