The Return Of the Slice At F & F Pizzeria

For a while it seemed like every “cool” new pizza place was focusing on Neapolitan-style individual pizzas. Over the past few years though it seems like a revolution is taking place – people are trying to reclaim the humble slice of pizza. Paulie Gee opened a determinedly retro slice shop recently (sorry, still haven’t been), and the owners of Frankies 457 closed Prime Meats, shuffled some stuff around, and opened a tiny slice joint called F & F Pizzeria. After eating at Hoek, Donny and I did what we used to do and went for more pizza. I got the regular slice, for $4. It’s a very good slice of pizza (at that price, it should be) that reminded me of Di Fara’s. The sauce was nicley seasoned and the fresh basil on top added the perfect herbal note. My only nitpick is the crust, which was thin but a little too tough. That’s a minor quibble though, F & F makes a very good slice.

F & F Pizzeria — 459 Court St

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