Vegan Polish At Polka Dot Cafe

After grabbing a couple of slices at Paulie Gee’s I stopped by Polka Dot Cafe. Somehow they had gotten onto my radar as a place where you could get vegetarian pierogi, as well as other vegan versions of Polish specialties. I was too full to eat there, but I got a selection of goodies to take home for dinner.

I was a little overwhelmed by the selection of vegetarian and vegetarian options – there are soups, clearly labeled, and a meatless section of the prepared foods case. I ended up taking home lazanki (pasta with mushrooms and cabbage), wegetarianskie golabki (vegetarian stuffed cabbage), and a vegan version of bigos (stewed cabbage). I also took home a container of ogorkowa (pickle soup) made with sour cream and rice. It was all delicious, reheated later. Even though there were similar ingredients in all of them the flavors were all different. The cabbage, stuffed with veggies and grains, had a light, earthy flavor. The pasta with mushrooms and cabbage was hearty and rich, while the bigos was sour with vinegar and yet creamy at the same time, despite the lack of dairy. The real winner though, was the pickle soup. I love pickles, but I have never had them in soup form. I highly recommend it if you’ve never tried it.

I need to go back to Polka Dot Cafe, I never ended up getting any of their pierogi. Or their fried croquettes, or their blintzes, or their potato pancakes…

Polka Dot Cafe — 726 Manhattan Ave

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