Veggie Castle Returns To Brooklyn

Many years ago there was a vegan Jamaican restaurant that opened in an old White Castle here in Brooklyn. It was called Veggie Castle, and it was good. Then they had to close, and re-opened way out in Queens under the name Veggie Castle II. I made the trip out once, and as much as I loved it I knew I wouldn’t be able to make the trip out there as often as I would like. Over the past few years I kept tabs on them via Instagram, and had to content myself with experiencing Veggie Castle vicariously. Then a few months ago they announced they would be coming back to Brooklyn. And then finally, a few weeks ago, they opened. I stopped by during their soft opening, with a limited menu and a cash-only register. In the past I had always gotten a platter of veggies and fake meats, but this time my attention was caught by the sandwiches. One sandwich in particular, the fried oyster mushroom po’ boy. There is no real place to sit and eat in the new space, so I took my sandwich (along with a side of Brussels spouts) to go. The sprouts were well-seasoned and delicious, but the sandwich was the real star. The mushrooms were battered and fried until crispy, then piled onto a roll with lettuce, carrots, onions, cucumbers and “remoulade sauce.” It was a great sandwich, but I think next time I’ll get one of the platters instead.

Veggie Castle — 2085 Flatbush Ave

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