Monk’s Meats Presents A Vegan Korean Harvest

I’ve written about Monk’s Meats before, and I’ve continued to follow them around Brooklyn. They make excellent vegan sandwiches, usually with seitan or mushrooms. I follow them on Instagram, and a few weeks ago I saw that they were doing a vegan Korean pop-up at a dive bar in Bed-Stuy called Cpt. Dan’s Good Time Tavern, for one night only. I immediately added it to my calendar.

The menu was short but intriguing. I chose the bon chon cauliflower, battered and deep-fried, then coated with a sweet-savory-spicy glaze and topped with sesame seeds and scallions. I also got a Korean fried “CHCK WHEAT” sandwich, a mock fried chicken cutlet topped with various pickled veggies. I washed it all down with a cold beer and pretended I was at a dive bar in Seoul.

Monk’s Meats
Cpt. Dan’s Good Time Tavern — 497 Greene Ave

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