Vegan Ramen At Time Out Market New York

I don’t understand the current food hall boom around NYC. They are usually loud and over-crowded, and it seems like vendors often drop out or the entire food hall closes. I didn’t have high expectations for the Time Out Market when we stopped by for an after-theater dinner. And yes, it was too noisy and there were too many people. But I have to admit the food was pretty great, and there are lots of vegetarian and vegan options.

We got the vegan ramen from Mr. Taka, with a creamy soy milk-based broth (I got mine spicy). It’s a delicious bowl of ramen, full of mushrooms, tofu, avocado, and even blowtorched slices of zucchini. We also stopped by Ice & Vice, where I enjoyed a poppy-sesame ice cream called Opium Den, and Breads Bakery for a chocolate babka to go. As long as you ignore all of the people, Time Out Market New York is pretty great.

Mr. Taka Ramen
Ice & Vice
Breads Bakery
Time Out Market New York — 55 Water St

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