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Loving Hut: An International Cult Brings Vegan Food To Bushwick

When I was in Seoul I visited several restaurants called Loving Hut. They were all very different — for example, one was casual, semi-fast food; another was more formal, requiring patrons to remove their shoes. All of them had two … Continue reading

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Cafe Tibet In Ditmas Park

There’s an great stretch of Cortelyou Road in Ditmas Park where there are several interesting restaurants: Hartwell Vegetarian, Purple Yam, Lea, The Farm on Adderly. My friend Ian recently told me about one I wasn’t familiar with, hidden right next … Continue reading

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Beets & Snaps

This is a great time of year to visit farmer’s markets here in NYC. Produce is at its most vibrant and diverse, not to mention at the peak of flavor (in some cases anyway). Right now you can get such … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Soup Dumplings At East Wind Snack Shop

Disclaimer: The people at East Wind Snack Shop wouldn’t let me pay for my meal, so these dumplings were free for me. A couple of Mondays ago I got a message on Twitter from the folks over at the East … Continue reading

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Summer Ramen At Ganso

The last time I was at Ganso, in Downtown Brooklyn, I said that their vegetarian ramen was held back from greatness by being too salty. Well I’m here to tell you that the vegetarian version of their summer ramen, served … Continue reading

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Mushroom Bruschetta At Myrtle & Gold

My friend Damon (previously of the now-closed Elm) got a job at the new restaurant Myrtle & Gold, in Downtown Brooklyn, so we stopped by for dinner and cocktails. I got the mushroom bruschetta, and although it could have been … Continue reading

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Brussels Sprouts Alla Trippa Alla Romana

So I was watching a food travel show about Rome and they talked about the dish trippa alla romana — tripe in the Roman style. Traditionally this is a dish using cow or pig stomach, cooked down with white wine, … Continue reading

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