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Celebrating Sichuan at Chuan Tian Xia

Even those of us who write about food (however intermittently) get stuck in our food ruts. Almost every time I go to Sunset Park I end up eating at Lucky Vegetarian. That’s not a bad thing, since it’s so good. … Continue reading

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Han Dynasty Comes To Brooklyn

I’ll be honest — I’m not a fan of the DeKalb Market food hall. I think it’s too crowded, too loud, and too expensive — I guess I really am getting cranky in my old age. But I was excited … Continue reading

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Authentic Szechuan, aka Tofu On 5th

Several years ago I wrote about how much I loved the mapo tofu at Tofu on 7th. In the intervening years the restaurant has relocated over to 5th Ave and re-branded itself as a combination sushi and upscale Chinese restaurant … Continue reading

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Cold Noodles At Hey Hey Canteen

I never ate at Two Duck Goose, which closed last year and re-opened recently as Hey Hey Canteen. Two Duck Goose seemed to be a slightly upscale Chiense-American restaurant; Hey Hey Canteen reinvented itself as a more casual place with … Continue reading

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Lucky Vegetarian In Sunset Park

I knew I was going to have a good meal at Lucky Vegetarian before I even sat down. The restaurant is underneath a Buddhist temple in Sunset Park; it reminded me of similar arrangements I’ve seen at restaurants in Asia. … Continue reading

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Vegetarian At Fei Long Food Court In Sunset Park

I make semi-regular trips up to Flushing to visit the Chinese restaurants and food courts, even though there is a Chinatown food court right here in Brooklyn. The Fei Long food court is attached to a series of small shops … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Soup Dumplings At East Wind Snack Shop

Disclaimer: The people at East Wind Snack Shop wouldn’t let me pay for my meal, so these dumplings were free for me. A couple of Mondays ago I got a message on Twitter from the folks over at the East … Continue reading

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