Lost Vegetarian Presents… In Ricotta Da Vegan At Paulie Gee’s

Regular readers of this blog may know that Paulie Gee’s serves some of my favorite pizzas in all of NYC. What you may not know is that Paul has an extensive vegan menu, with some really incredible pies. In this new episode of Lost Vegetarian Presents, Paul walks us through making his In Ricotta Da Vegan pie, talks about why he has so many vegan options, and wonders why customers thank him. Click the like button if you enjoy the video!

Paulie Gee’s — 60 Greenpoint Ave

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Esme & Archestratus Books In Greenpoint

Back in the day one of the most common vegetarian items you’d find on a menu was a portobello mushroom sandwich. The portobello was usually grilled or baked whole, and put on a bun like a burger. Well here’s a confession: I hated those portobello sandwiches. Lucky for me the mushroom sandwich had evolved over the years, and I’ve had some good ones. At Esme in Greenpoint they have what they call the Veggie French Dip, and it’s one of the good ones. Made with roasted button mushrooms and crispy shiitakes, the sandwich is topped with cheese and served with a flavorful mushroom jus for dipping your sandwich into.

Right around the corner from Esme is Archestratus, a bookstore that specializes in food books. Not just cookbooks (though they have those too), I found some interesting books about food in history and religion. It’s definitely worth a trip to the neighborhood all on its own.

Esme — 999 Manhattan Ave
Archestratus — 160 Huron St

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Lost Vegetarian Presents… Black Radish Pasta At Dirt Candy

Episode 1.2 of “Lost Vegetarian Presents…” features Chef Amanda Cohen at her restaurant, Dirt Candy. Enjoy!

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Maimonide of Brooklyn

For years I’ve been hearing about Maimonide of Brooklyn — not the Brooklyn hospital, Maimonides, but the restaurant, usually abbreviated (most especially by the restaurant itself) M.O.B. It’s a vegan restaurant not far from the Atlantic Center, and I kept meaning to go there but never did (I have been to Maimonides Hospital, but that’s a different story). I finally stopped by for lunch at the end of November, and had one of their signature vegan “burgers” made with cremini mushrooms. I got the California MOB burger, topped with avocado, cashew “cheese,” and caramelized onions. The creamy cashew cheese smooshed out the sides of the burger as I ate it, making a mess, but the flavors were fantastic. Best of all was the burger itself; unlike many other veggie burgers this had nice crispy edges and actually tasted a little of mushrooms. The burger was served with a Brooklyn Brine pickle and even my simple side salad was dressed with a tasty vinaigrette.

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Lost Vegetarian Presents… Happy Buddha

Almost a year ago I had an idea for a video project, one that highlighted the variety of great vegetarian food around the world. I’m happy to share with all of you the first episode of “Lost Vegetarian Presents…” This first season will focus on New York City, where I live, but I’m hoping that future seasons will spread out to encompass other cities around the country and around the world.

This is the product of the hard work of a lot of my friends, and I need to thank them all. Most importantly I need to thank Donny Tsang and Henrietta Yuki; not just for their technical assistance with the cameras and lights (which was invaluable), but because without them this wouldn’t have happened. They questioned me, pushed me, and helped me figure out what I wanted this project to be. I also need to thank Scott Lindrup, who was at every shoot and did whatever we asked him to do. And special thanks to Bayard Russell, for allowing me to use his song “Keep Dancing” for the opening and closing titles. Plus there were numerous friends and family members who watched rough cuts of these episodes and gave me useful feedback about them. Thank you all!

We made these videos on a shoestring budget, so if you want to sponsor these videos (or you would like to participate) please email me: lostvegetarian@gmail.com

East Wind Snack Shop is located at 471 16th St, here in Brooklyn. Special thanks to Chef Chris Cheung and the entire staff there for helping us out. Happy Buddha is a simple looking vegan dish, but it’s got an incredible amount of flavor. Enjoy!

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Hummus Market In WIlliamsburg

A few months ago I got an email invitation to eat some free food at Hummus Market, a relatively new restaurant in Williamsburg. As I was looking through the menu, it slowly dawned on me that everything was vegetarian. Of course Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food is vegetarian friendly, but the owners of Hummus Market — two friends from Israel with no restaurant experience but an intense love of making hummus — don’t make a big deal about the restaurant being vegetarian. Many of the dishes are vegan as well. I tried a few different things (all on the house). For my main dish I got one of the hummus bowls, the sabich hummus. The sabich is topped with roasted eggplant, soft boiled egg, and dollops of rich tahini. It’s layer upon layer of rich flavors and textures, easily smeared on the warm fresh pitas. The best thing I tasted was one of the salads, the tabbouleh. Tabbouleh is made with bulgur, mixed with parsley, lemon, and tomato. The tabbouleh at Hummus Market just might be the best I’ve had in the United States; a great ratio of parsley to bulgur, and plenty of fresh lemon juice. Hummus Market has only been around for a few months, but one of the owners told me that they already have a loyal local following. After eating there it’s easy to see why.

Hummus Market — 361 Graham Ave

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My Favorites of 2015

As the year comes to an end it’s a good opportunity to revisit my favorites of 2015.

Favorite Indian Food: Mashallah & Hadi

Favorite Pickles: Stolovaya

Favorite Restaurant Run By A Vegan Cult: Loving Hut

Favorite Noodle Soup: Thenthuk At Cafe Tibet

Favorite Dish I Cooked: Raw Ramp Pesto

Favorite Thing I Never Blogged About: Chamoyada from La Newyorkina

See you in 2016!

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