Vegan Donuts From Cloudy Donut Co

By the time I got to the counter at Cloudy Donut Co, after a short wait in a long line, there were only three flavors left. I got two of each of the golf ball-sized vegan donuts: strawberry lemonade, sugarberry, and powdered (this last one was fresh and hot out of the kitchen). They only have eight flavors every weekend, and I was hoping for the sweet potato pie but it was not meant to be. The donuts were chewy and a little doughy – a remarkable vegan technical achievement, if not the flavor bombs the names promised. My favorite of the lot was the strawberry lemonade, with a sour-sweet glaze over the top.

Cloudy Donut Co — 14 Columbia Pl

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Vegan From Ramen Danbo In Park Slope

When Japanese ramen chain Ramen Danbo opened nearby in Park Slope I wanted to check it out. And then a few years went by. I finally ordered from them, and was pleasantly surprised to see they have a full vegan menu (in addition to the regular menu). You can get a vegan version of any of their signature ramens, and I got the sesame-laden Negi-goma Ramen. I went for thick noodles, because I like the chew, with the standard broth. It was a wonderful bowl of ramen – lots of flavor, great broth, and an all-around satisfying dinner. I also got a side order of the vegan Chashu Donburi, a dish normally made with braised pork belly but in this case made with soy crumbles served over rice. It was fine, but in the future I think I’ll try one of the other ramens.

Ramen Danbo — 52 7th Ave

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Vegan From M Shanghai

Every once in a while I have a specific craving for Shanghainese food, but there are not a lot of places near me to get it. I saw M Shanghai pop up on a delivery app recently and decided to give it a go. Unfortunately I was mostly disappointed – the spicy vegetarian wontons were not at all spicy, and although the peanut sauce was perfectly fine the filling was completely unseasoned. The vegetarian spring rolls were nothing special, but fine. My entree was called Spicy Potato Bean Paste, and clearly marked as vegan on the menu. There were chunks of soft potato along with firm tofu, with edamame in a highly seasoned and slightly spicy sauce. It was the best among the items I ordered, but I wouldn’t order it again. My search for good Shanghainese food in Brooklyn continues.

M Shanghai — 292 Grand St

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Vegan Dominican At Next Stop Vegan

I was recently summoned for jury duty, and the timing worked out well for me to be in Downtown Brooklyn. I had recently learned that Next Stop Vegan had opened a branch in the neighborhood, and was trying to figure out when I could visit. When I found out I had to be there anyway, and Next Stop Vegan was only a short walk from the courthouse, I knew what my lunch plans would be. At Next Stop Vegan they have bowls and salads and burritos, but I was there for a taste of the Dominican food. I am a little sick of the mass-produced vegan meats, so instead I ordered El Plato. Instead of a meat replacement, it featured sliced portobello mushroom as the “steak”, along with rice, beans, salad, and sweet plantains. It was all good, though I thought it lacked a little seasoning. I added a few splashes of Tabasco sriracha, which helped quite a bit. My side of tostones (fried plantains) were well seasoned, and I dipped them into the black beans for a little more flavor. It was a satisfying meal for a cold winter day filled with bureaucratic civic duties.

Next Stop Vegan — 88 Livingston St

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